About Us


Arisa Fashion was inspired by our desire to bring together beauty and modesty that
can be found in the Russian Caucasus but may not be readily available in the UK.

Although some of our clothes are Turkish inspired, the real essence of our clothing line comes from the North Caucasus populated mainly by Muslims known as people of the mountains. Our abayas, dresses and outer garments are what represents the style of women from the mountainous regions. Long, wavy and A-line silhouette dresses are designed specifically in the Caucasian style. Our brand is set up to compliment the beauty of every woman who chooses us.


Created with love and care, a lot of thought has been put in our brand. Our teams in the UK and overseas work hard to provide you with comfort and beauty at an affordable price range. We promise to provide you the best service and we can assure you of an ideal experience with us because it is our pleasure to keep our customers happy!

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